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At this moment we only offer annual memberships to our practitioners, the reason is we believe it takes a certain amount of time for the practitioner to see traction on their profiles and build up their reputation.
No, there is no trial version available.
Credits are a form of currency which can be bought by a practitioner to ensure that they get relevant leads from WellthLink.
WellthLink is only a marketplace for clients to find relevant practitioners, WellthLink provides no guarantess in terms of lead generation or conversion, but our motive is to increase the number of people intesrested in wellness and connect them with practitioners close to them and we make all efforts to showcase your profile to the clients
Log in to your account - Go to Top Up Credits and pick the number of credits you would like to top up - follow the instructions to complete payment.
Only validated users of WellthLink who have booked an appointment / training with you can provide reviews. This is to ensure that only valid and authentic reviews are available to the community.
For the list of countries we are available in - please click here.
Clients can get your contact details by either booking an appointment or using the connect button on your profile. Once they do they have to sign up and they will be sent your contact details, additionally you will receive their contact details.
Credits are deducted everytime a user clicks on the Connect button on your profile or books an appointment through the portal.
We believe that our clients deserve to work with experts in the field and so we request practitioners to showcase only their top 3 services.
You can send us an email at contact@wellthlink.coma> and a WellthLink representative will contact you.
You can send us an email at and a WellthLink representative will contact you.
We do not offer a refund for our practitioners, but we are happy to discuss with you and works on helping you increase the number of views you get on your profile.
You can send us an email at and a WellthLink representative will contact you.
Keywords are search terms which a practitioner can add to their profile - this helps them show up in the list when a client searches for that specific term. For example if a client searches for holistic - all practitioners who have picked holistic as their keyword will show up in the searches.
You can send us an email at and a WellthLink representative will contact you.
WellthLink acts as a link between wellness seekers and expert practitioners, to prevent misuse of contact details as well as to ensure only genuine, interested users are blocking appointments and requesting call backs.
Typically a WellthLink representative will give you a call after you book your appointment - if that is not the case.
You can send us an email at and a WellthLink representative will contact you.
WellthLink verified means that the practitioner has received a badge of authenticity from WellthLink and that all their certificates have been validated by WelthLink personnel.
Each issue/ problem is different and the practitioner would be the best judge of their pricing for that particular issue. Additionally we want to encourage clients to find the right practitioner for them without basing their decision purely on price. You are welcome to confirm the pricing before booking the appointment by speaking to the practitioner.

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